Bush, Blackbird and Thrush

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Wine and Spirits Taste Notes



Taittinger Brut Reserve NV

A careful blend of twenty five different ‘Crus’ and aging of between 3 and 4 years go into making this delicate and elegant Champagne.


Sparkling Rosé

Codorniu Pinot Noir Brut Rosé

Unique and stylish this very posh Rosé is made exclusively from the Pinot Noir grape giving the flavour of delicious ripe summer fruits.


Prosecco Villa Sandi

An explosion of stylish Italian bubbles, wonderful aromas of mountain flowers and lovely fruity flavours





Parée Sauvignon 2009

Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

Gooseberry, grapefruit and exotic fruit flavours abound.


Parée Chardonnay 2008/09

Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

Universally loved, pear and apple aromas cascade into the glass.


Mezzora Pinot Grigio Garganega 2009/10

Produced from grapes grown in the beautiful hills north of Verona, flavours of pears and summer peaches, gives a dry, fresh and stylish wine.


 Runneymede island Sauvignon Blanc 2013/14


Bursting with green fruit flavours and aherbaceous twist this delicious thirst quenching sauvignon is what New Zealand does best 

Gavi di Gavi ‘Vigneti Lugarara’ 2009

This top estate covers 30 hectares in the heart of Piemonte. The wines are of the best quality - the Cortese grapes are gently pressed, they see no oak thus creating a wine that has a great concentration of flavours and balanced acidity, and this is certainly one of the best that Italy produces.


Sancerre 2009 Clos des Bouffants

Dry, fresh and well balanced, this full flavoured attractive wine is a constant favourite - a superb compliment to any fish dish.


Picpoul 2013 'Baron de Badassiere'

Warm sunny vineyards situated near the coast in the South of France make this fresh and zippy wine. pale lemon in colour with crisp apples and citrus on the nose, the flavour - ripe yellow plum, greengage fruit and fresh lemon acidity





Parée Rosé 2009/10

Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

Summer in a bottle, delicious wild berries and strawberries.


Sutter Home White Zinfandel ‘Blush’ 2009

Stylish medium dry wine from one of the better 'Napa Valley’ producers, known as a ‘blush’ wine having been left in contact with the red grape skins, medium dry in style – a delicious aperitif.


Frscura Pinot Grigio Rose 2013

Coming from the beautiful hills outside Verona this delicious light rose has an explsion of ripe berries and creamy strawberry, delicious


Parée Merlot 2009 Vin de Pays d’Oc

Mouth-watering flavour of ripe cherries and blackcurrants.


Boonaburra Shiraz Cabernet 2009

Aromas of vanilla, cherry and ripe plums, this classic Australian red has the flavours of summer berries and just a hint of oak.


Amalaya de Colome Malbec 2008/09

Intense aromas of black fruits, the flavour of red berries and ripe black cherry, soft and smooth with a hint of vanilla from new French oak barrels – this is a delicious wine from the world’s highest winery in the Calchaqui Valley, Argentina.


Rioja El Coto ‘Crianza’ 2007

A quality oak aged wine from Northern Spain’s best Bodega; it is distinctive with the flavours of ripe red berries and a hint of vanilla coming from having spent some time in new oak casks.


Châteauneuf du Pape 2008

Domaine du Vieux Lazaret

One of the Rhône’s finest wines; many different grape varieties go to make this rich complex yet mellow wine and this example is from one of the top producers Monsieur Jérôme Quiot.


Château Haut Gazeau 2005/06

Lussac St Emilion

Coming from a family run property this Merlot dominated wine is elegantly structured and well balanced – drinking well now.


Barolo 2003/05 ‘Le Albe’

The top Italian red from Piemonte, known as the ‘king’ of Italian red wines.  Ripe and forward, classic elegant style with delicate floral and summer fruit scents, spicy ripe tannins and wonderful balance.


Fleurie 2009 Domaine de la Bouronière

One of the most popular of the ten individual Beaujolais villages, this medium bodied wine has an intense raspberry fruit flavour and delivers excellent quality, try it slightly chilled.


Cotes du rhone villages 2013  


Vibrant rich ruby red in colour with a basketful of ripe black fruit flavours and just a touch of spice . Classic syrah frome the southern Rhone



Port Reserve Ramos Pinto

The perfect end… from one of the few remaining family owned port lodges


Taylor’s LBV 2004/05

Classic Late Bottled Vintage port wine, from top quality producer.


Remy Martin VSOP


Hine Rare VSOP


Laphroaig 10 YO


Glenmorangie 10 yr old 'original'


Talisker 10 yr old


Calvados 'chardon Prestige'


‘We offer a choice of wine by the glass,

changing to reflect new styles and seasons,

please ask for today’s selection’


Bush, Blackbird & Thrush Feb 2011 JP RA


Cask Ale Taste Notes

Tasting notes by beer writer Ben McFarland, British Guild of Beer Writers' Writer of the Year, 2004


An infusion of three Kentish hops adorns this beautifully balanced, blood-orange tinted British bitter with an acutely aromatic allure. Hints of marmalade, red grapes and pepper are thrust from a springboard of warm, mellow malts. The floating fruity finish signs off with a smidgen of spice and raspberry.

Tasting notes by beer writer Ben McFarland

Cask: 4.2% / Bottle: 4.5%


Delicate and devilishly drinkable, this quintessentially Kentish ale lays the county's hallowed, herbaceous hops on a firm, biscuity bed of pale and crystal malt. Endowed with an inviting auburn-amber hue and a tantalising toffee-ish aroma, it's an enlivening English ale that, given its unassuming ABV, pleasures the palate with a remarkable fullness of flavour.

Cask: 3.7% / Bottle: 4.0%


Plum, prunes, raisins, a touch of toffee and tropical fruit are just of the flavour flourishing beneath the crimson-copper coloured cloak of this eminently easy-drinking ale. A peppery, resinous hop finish - courtesy of Kent-grown Cascade hops - adds a spice to the nutty sweetness. Rather remarkable with a roast.

Cask: 4.5% / Bottle: 4.5%


Rare is a beer more invigorating, uplifting or aromatic than this fresh New World pale ale brewed using Cascade and East Kent Goldings hops and ripe with summer fruit on a bed of bready malt. Privileged palates should prepare for lime marmalade on toast, lychees, lemongrass and a bitter-sweetness akin to brown sugar-dusted grapefruit. A sensational partner to Caesar salad, grilled fish and seafood.

Cask: 3.5% / Bottle: 4.0%


An ambient bitter, which successfully merges the biscuity sweetness of English malt with the fruity, floral bitterness of locally grown hops from the Kent countryside, to give a clean, satisfying and moreish drink ( to quaff, effortlessly, among friends).

Cask: 4.1% / Bottle: N/A


Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale is a connoisseur's beer with excellent credentials and pedigree and is a silver medal-winner in the Daily Telegraph Taste of Britain awards.

It takes its name from the finger-shaped signposts which pointed pilgrims on their way to the tomb of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury and was the first strong ale to be brewed by Shepherd Neame after malt rationing was eased in the late 1950s. It is also one of the UK's oldest bottled beers, brewed since 1958.

Bishops Finger holds EU Protected Geographical Indication, recognising its unique provenance. Uniquely, it is brewed to a charter which states it can only be brewed by the head brewer on a Friday and that it must be brewed using 100% natural ingredients, Kentish hops and barley, and the brewery's own artesian mineral water.

Fashioned on a firm, fruity foundation of Crystal malt, this rich, ruby-coloured Kent classic belies its burly appearance with a complexity of flavour. Mouth-filling fruit – prunes, plums and dried apricot – spiked with palate-prickling pepper, cinnamon and a soft bitter blood-orange finish.

Cask: 5.0% / Bottle: 5.4%


Early Bird Spring Hop Ale makes its seasonal appearance between March and May, a fresh floral delight to sweep away the cold of winter and signal the prospect of warm days ahead.

The beer has been a welcome sign of the coming of spring since it was first brewed by Britain's oldest brewer in the mid 1990s.

A pale golden beer, with floral aroma, Early Bird is full-bodied and takes its name from the Early Bird variety of East Kent Goldings hops, grown in hop gardens near the brewery.

A fabulously refreshing, bracing beer that hails early maturing Goldings hops in style. Alive and open with a golden glint in its eye, it stirs up spring sensations of blossom, honey, freshly cut grass and plenty of pine on the nose. The gentle bitterness, soothed by an undercurrent of light biscuit malt, delivers a dry finish. Superb with salads and whitebait.

Cask: 4.3% / Bottle: 4.5%


The crisp, fresh flavour of the Kent seaside lights up the bar from June to August as cask-conditioned Whitstable Bay Premium Ale appears as our draught ale for the summer season.

Whitstable Bay is named after the Kent coastal town, famed for its oysters, and makes a great partner for light dishes such as seafood and salads.

It is a light, refreshing ale made from chalk-filtered mineral water, East Kent Goldings hops and winter pearl malting barley.

Sunset-gold in colour, Whitstable Bay combines delicate hints of fresh hops with the softer, buttery richness of pale and crystal malts and is delightful on its own or paired with summer holiday delights such as Whitstable oysters, potted shrimps, or traditional fish and chips.

This dainty, well-defined dark-blonde drop melds citrusy hops with the nutty, wholemeal character of crystal and pale malt. With ripe fruit, a hint of banana, mango and a tangy, fresh finish, it's perfect with a Ploughman's.

Cask: 4.1% / Bottle: N/A


Available on draught during December, Christmas Ale is the perfect tipple for the festive season. It is a full-bodied, warming winter ale, light in colour and characterised by a delicious, fragrant hoppy aroma & palate. A very special beer.

There's a spicy signature to this incredibly complex cockle-warming winter ale. The nose is reminiscent of raisins, dates and molasses while the palate is vinous with tannin-like notes of leather, vanilla, apricots and a hint of rustic Armagnac on the finish. An awesome after-dinner drop.

Cask: 5.0% / Bottle: 7.0%


Amber Ale makes its seasonal appearance in January and February. First brewed in 2009, the beer immediately became one of Shepherd Neame's most popular seasonal brews, welcomed by ale-lovers as a warming treat during the coldest months of the year.

A golden-brown ale with a fruity aroma and a full, malty palate, Amber Ale derives its unique signature from the special marriage of fruity, fragrant hops with Pale, Crystal and Brown malts, making it a classic beer to savour and enjoy.

(Tasting notes for Amber Ale by Stewart Main).

Cask: 4.5% / Bottle: N/A


Our Drinks

We have a wide variety of quality cask ales, wines, lagers, spirits and soft drinks available throughout the year.  We are renowned for our quality range of Shepherd Neame real cask ales served at peak condition due to our rare 'gravity-fed' cellar system.

In addition to our popular range of beers and wines which are served all year round we also serve seasonal cask ales such as Early Bird in the Spring, Whitstable Bay in the Summer and the legendary Late Red and Christmas Ale in the Autumn and Winter.

Please look at our taste notes page and feel free to give us a call if you want to know what we are serving this week.